Budgerigar Society Online Store

Welcome to our new look online store.

The store is open to all UK residents.

This store is operated independently of the main website and all payments are processed online through Barclays EPDQ.

Existing members can pay for their subscriptions and place orders for personalised rings.

Non-members can order any sales items but must be a member before they can order rings.

New members can join here and order their personalised rings.

Only BS rings may be ordered online if you want to order rings with your Area Society code this must be submitted on the Area Society Ring Order form available from your Area Society.

Contact Details Update

Our Society Administrator, Grant Findlay, is now based, for Office purposes, at the address below which will be the official Society correspondence address on-going. There is also a new telephone number, however calls will still come through to this new number if members dial the old Northampton number, at no extra cost to the caller.

Likewise mail is still being redirected by Royal Mail from the Northampton address to the new Office address and this will continue until next April. Albeit this service does delay ring orders and other correspondence by some 2 to 3 days and with this in mind the new Ring Order forms will have the new address to avoid this happening going forward.

Society Administrator Office Address & Phone Number:-
The Budgerigar Society, 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8BP.
Phone:- 01828 633030.

Any correspondence related to Budgerigar Society Patronage & Champion Birds should be sent to:
Mr M Chapman, BS Patronage Administrator,
5, Mole Drove, Gedney Hill,
Nr Spalding, Lincs.
PE12 0PB

If you need to contact us about any issues arising from your order please contact us on 01828 633030.

Sorry this online store will not support overseas orders but you may post your order to The Budgerigar Society, 6 Toutie Street, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8BP.