Budgerigar Society Online Store - Dropping & Throat Swab Test

This is a Microscopic Testing service provided by Belgica de Weerd.

The test covers Coccidiosis, Hair Worm, Round Worm, Yeast & Canker.

The cost is normally £27.90 for two tests and this is offered to BS members at the cost of £25 which includes post and packing. Your order will be dispatched direct from Belgica de Weerd.

When the kit is received please open and inside you will find a form, please fill this in with all the information required using CAPITAL letters.

Place 4 or 5 droppings into the test tube, you can include as many as 4 samples from any of your birds from the same aviary, cage or section. If you require samples from individual birds that are kept separate then you will need more that one test kit. The thin long file is for your throat swab, for you to take a satisfactory test (it may take two people to do this, one to hold the bird and one to do the swab) you should hold the bird at right angle and then put the swab down into the bird's throat and move around a couple of times to get a good covering on the swab. Then place the swab back into the long tub filled with gel, push down tight.

For return posting instructions please see the reverse of the Test Kit.

Dropping & Throat Swab Test

Dropping & Throat Swab Test

Testing service provided by Belgica de Weerd

Price : £25.00 (Inc P&P)